Monday, August 1, 2011

Making Time for your Spouse

My husband may be leaving for work for a long extended time and it is hitting me how it will be without him around. True, I will be like a single parent with no breaks or sleep-in mornings (sigh!), but I will miss him as my partner too. Next month we will have been married for 10 years and we have been put through the fire together. Life has not always been easy and it can take its toll. It has taken its toll! My love for him always remains the same though. Our mantra since having the kids is about making a good family for them...In fact, making it be about them is pretty much all we do. It is time we make it about us-as a couple. When your children see you happy in your relationship they will be happy as well. A great by-product of getting reconnected with your spouse!

Last night we had a date night (which are few and far between). I bought concert tickets at the zoo to see Bruce Hornsby and Bella Fleck, two of his favorites. We packed a delicious picnic and set out to listen to great music and have grown-up time. We hit traffic, found no where to sit, walked up hill over two miles, and more but we were determined to make the best of it. You know what? We had a pretty good darn time!
Bruce Hornsby
Bella Fleck

Man was it crowded!
While there we made a pact to every night share one highlight of the day and one lowlight. I love this! Often IF we even get the chance to talk it normally becomes a venting session and only negative things are discussed, but this way it forces us to look at are positive times too. Sharing one of each makes us here what is the most important moments in each others lives. Last night my highlight:date night with hubby, and my lowlight: didn't have one (and I haven't felt that way in months)! I am curious to hear how you guys find time to connect with your spouse!

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