Friday, August 5, 2011

Kid Directed Art

As much as I hate to admit it I can be a little of a control freak. I am really trying to allow "A" to create art without a finished product in mind. That is very hard for me. The funny thing is I have no problem with him having complete creative freedom when using his markers or crayons, but when he starts cutting paper, getting paints out, or using glue or tape I have mini panic attacks. I think it is the mess that I am left with that really makes me so hesitant to allow the chaos to ensue. I wanted to include some odd things "A" has done just in the last three days that I wanted to yell, "STOP! You are ruining my supplies" or "Quit making a mess." I am learning to let go and let him explore-it's a work in process!
This type of art I am okay with-no mess and it is so sweet!
Then I start to panic when he gets into my origami paper and tape. Kite with a horse running on it!
Here he got into my rainbow sand that was in storage. At least its on the linoleum and not the carpet!
All of a sudden I am finding random things tacked on to my walls. This is tissue paper that got wet and was formed into a ball.
Play-doh really gets my heart racing (don't even get me started on Moon Sand). Here is a road for cars with blocks.


  1. Play-doh - that's like a dirty word in my house. Am I a horrible mom if I don't let my kids play with the stuff?? (Please say no. Please say no.) :)

  2. You aren't a horrible mom. I only pull it out when he has worn me out. Moon Sand is the worst! It is impossible to clean up.