Saturday, August 27, 2011

In the Doghouse

"A" was late to warm up to the idea of stuffed animals (we call them loveys). Around age of three he got a stuffed dog that looks identical to our toy poodle, Scully. He rightfully named the lovey Scully Bug (we add bug to the end of names as a term of endearment). Ever since then "A" is obsessed with acquiring dog stuffed animals-they MUST be dogs though.

This weekend we are at the fabric store and we saw some cute dog fabric, and silly me-I suggested that would be cute to make a dog bed for his loveys. Luckily, I was able to get out of the store without purchasing the fabric, but "A's" wheels were already turning. He just HAD to make a dog house for his many stuffed dogs. He was convinced making it with wood would be simple-all you do is glue it together! (Um Yeah-NO!!!). Then remembering the airplane with Daddy he had a new building material in mind. He wouldn't let it go-so late last night we stayed up and made a dog house. It only took one box, paint, sharpies, and a pet stencil. It was the first night in two years that his dogs didn't sleep with him but in their new house. Of course, this was after he kissed them all good night!
"A" with Rover and Scully Bug-Turned out pretty cute and is at the foot of his bed!
Told you the Scullys look alike.  I have been known to get them confused when my dog lays a certain way.
Now Back to the Craft:
All his loveys are represented on the back with their names and paw prints
Play food, water, and toy
Scully Bug and Buddy looking out the window (Cutie Tail is at the front door)
This house is so much nicer than his other house where dogs (real ones at least) are NOT OKAY!
PS. These cardboard colorable clubhouse ROCKS. Got it on Black Friday and has got tons of use!
He tried to write NO DOGS on the sign but it ended up saying Dog ON (te he-love it)

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  1. Wow- those turned out great! I love when my children misspell also- it makes it MORE sentimental ;-) Thank you for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.