Sunday, February 26, 2012

Babies First Sensory Bin

This past summer I was busy making sensory bins for my five year old and sensory baskets for my baby. The baskets were designed towards larger items for safety sake. Some previous tot sensory baskets were: color theme, letter theme, shape theme, and nature theme. To see all the previous tot baskets click here. Sensory bins on the other hand were filled with more miniature items and fillers. Sensory bins for my oldest ranged from back to school, construction, beach, holidays, and more. You can see those here. I have gotten away from making them lately because I am in the midst of a huge move. I am eagerly anticipating making sensory bins and baskets later this Spring.

As I was busy making a craft with my 5 year old I realized I needed to keep my 15 month old occupied. He is too young for many craft supplies and I had no sensory baskets on hand. What I did have was beans, poms, two cups, heart containers from the Dollar Tree, a heart ice-cube tray, and a casserole dish to put everything in. Yes, it did end up with a Valentine's Day theme, but it was unintentional. Honestly, I was frantically throwing things in for him to stay quiet. It took me about three minutes to put it together. I was sweating bullets handing it to my little monster. He loves to shove everything in his mouth or throw items across the floor. Suprisingly, he used it just like a sensory bin is intended to be used. He got busy pouring and transporting, he even put beans in the containers to make shakers! I was blown away. Now about 8 minutes later it did end up on the floor, but I take my successes when I can get them.
Brother had to get in on the action and show him how it is done.
I am looking forward to trusting him with smaller items, but I think the majority of his sensory experiences will still be similar to baskets I have put together in the past. Look for more ideas of sensory play in the next few months.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Current Update

I am so ashamed that I have only written twice this month. It is really telling how often I have done supplementing at home with the boys-not much. In 5 weeks I will be boarding a plane to move to Anchorage. Before that time I need to back up the house, finish student teaching, finish my state/school final project, get the boys and dogs ready for the move, and make about a million calls and plans. Can you tell I am overwhelmed!

My hubs found our new home in Anchorage today. I am so excited! It is the biggest home I have ever had the privilege of living in. One of my wants is making a playroom. I am thinking about converting the formal living room into a playroom, since we don't need a living room & a family room. I am trying to figure out how to do this and yet not have the main living space not look cluttered and dirty. I am also trying to decide on layout and storage. I can't wait until we are unpacked and playing in our new home.

Thank you for being supportive and I promise the posts will return with a vengenous in April. Your patience has been astounding!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rock Sale

 One of my five year-old's favorite "game" to play is what he calls Rock Sale. It is something he created almost two years ago. He gets out some of his favorite, polished rocks and puts them out in an organized way. Next he calls out "Rocks for sale! Who wants to buy some fancy and beautiful rocks."  I am then instructed to make an inquiry about his wares. He attaches a dollar amount to the rocks ($100 each and $1000 for the Pyrite-it is gold after all). Then I hand him play money and he gives me change. After this interaction he wants to switch roles. It is silly but he loves it. He asks to play this almost monthly. It is so fascinating the things kiddos come up with and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cookie Break

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. I am at the crucial part of Student Teaching where I am teaching full days and trying to work on my exit project for graduation. All while I began packing for our big move to Alaska in 7 weeks. I have been neglecting my Mommy super powers and haven't done much supplementing at home. I have mustered enough energy to read with "A" most nights. I am so proud of him. He went into Kindergarten with no reading other than the word cat under his belt, and now he is reading level H books (end of 1st grade). I can't get him to pass his second grouping of sight words though.

As busy as I am some times it is fun just to take a time out. "A found a Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit. The easiness appealed to me and it was a blast just to spend that quality time together, plus the cookies didn't taste bad either ;o)

I am looking forward to having more moments like this with the boys in late Spring in our new home. I am hoping we can get a playroom and that I can start Tot School. If you don't hear from me please know that once summer nears I will return to blogging with some ferocity.