Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Row, Row, Row your Boat

My son tried his very own water experiment this week. Since his tub (for outside toys by the way) floats in the pool will he float if he is in it? First he was sure that if he filled the pool until it was overflowing (and flooding my backyard) that would make the difference. Then came the problem of trying to get in the tub. It was pretty funny trying to see him climb in a deep tub while it bobbed on over a foot of water. We emptied the pool a bit (even more water on the lawn-Argh) and then he was successful climbing in. I kept explaining that he wouldn't float because he was too heavy, but he just couldn't accept it. The amazing thing is he didn't actually sink either. The tub had about 2-3 corners touching the bottom, but he was definitely still buoyant. Then he looked for some make-shift paddles to see if he get around the pool. That was a no! But he still had fun singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat....that is until the tub tipped over ;o)

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  1. Don't you love it when kids come up with their own educational activities? This morning my toddler walked all over the house with kitchen tongs trying to pick stuff up (great motor skills activity, eh?). Thanks for sharing!