Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 10 ABC Books

I know this is awful to admit but I hate ABC books. How many "A is for Apple" do they expect a person to read. The always seem so simple and boring. Even "A" feels like I am treating him like a baby when I read most of them. However, I know that children need those concept books to help facilitate reading. After much painful research, I have compiled my list of top ten ABC books that aren't nauseating to read.
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1) Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray: I just read this book this summer and I loved it. "A" made me read it multiple times. It is the story of a dog who watches his owner make an apple pie and each letter is his desperate attempt to get a taste.

2) I Stink by Kate McMullan: I have two boys so having an ABC book that talks about puppy poo and dirty diapers is a must. The best way to read this book about a garbage truck is with a New York accent, acting real tough. Better yet get the scholastic video of the reading. I always do dramatic pauses with the ABC page and give some really exasperated "OooOOOooo YUCK" for the gross things, but that is just me!

3) Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr: Okay, pretty much everyone loves this book about the letters in the coconut tree. It's a classic, pure and simple. To be honest, it took me hearing the song being sung on the Scholastic Video to truly appreciate it. Dang, now that song is in my head!

 cuz everyone should hear the song...
4) Al Pha Bet by Amy Krouse Rosenthal: This is another new discovery. It is a fun creative look at how and why the alphabet may have been created, something I have always wondered. This would be a great writing activity for older kids to think about why they think the letters were chosen in that order.

5) Dr. Suess ABC-An Amazing Alphabet Book: Honestly, who could go wrong with Dr. Suess. He was a creative genius! Plus it's just darn fun to say Fiffer Feffer Feff!!! I also like the book On Beyond Zebra about how words are just symbols and to not be afraid to make up some symbols of your own. Turned out well for Suess!

6) The Z is Zapped by Van Allsburg: Another favorite author of mine who leaves so much for the imagination. This book is set up like a play in 26 acts. There is a pencil illustration of each letter and on the back of that page is an explanation ("Z was Zapped"/"U was being Uprooted"). It is a great introduction to alliteration as well. There is one letter that doesn't follow alliteration and sometime I change the words so it does. I never understood that one letter...

7) The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni: When you see my author lineup these top ten are a no brainer. There are some great writers here! This story is about letters that live in a tree and get together to form words. It is great to show your child how letters for words, and maybe you can even get them to read a few!

8) AlphaOops- The Day Z Went First by Alethea Kontis: Why should Z have to always go last. He is sick of it, but when he tries to go first letters get out of order. Bickering and chaos ensue. Too Funny!

9) Alphabet Adventure, Alphabet Mystery, and Alphabet Rescue by Audrey Wood: I love the Wood family and everything they produce. The Napping House is my house every afternoon! Anyway these three books are a fabulous look at the letters (big and small) as they go on adventures. The illustrations are phenomenal! My son especially likes the Rescue one because it has a fire truck!

10) Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod: This book takes a comic book approach to introducing ABCs (keep in mind I have boys). Comics are intriguing to boy readers and -contrary to belief- help stimulate a love for reading, vocabulary, and fluency. The illustrations are so rich and vibrant anyone would be drawn into this book.

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  1. Haha! that's funny, you are right! I try my best to find other things than the common, because I think children are born with the "A is for apple" in their brain"!