Thursday, August 4, 2011

Alien Party

We have been doing a lot of learning this week about outer space for this week's summer challenge. Today I thought we should do some silly crafts to lighten the mood. We made three different types of aliens. Our first alien was made from recycled juice lids and pipecleaners, the second was from recycled boxes, and the last is a green blob made from corn syrup. The inspirations for the aliens came from Craft Jr. and Makes and Takes. Then we made them have an alien party!

Soda caps, pipecleaners, poms, and googly eyes (idea from Craft Jr.)
We made them spaceships from aluminum muffin tins

Made from recycled boxes, aluminum foil, sharpies, pipecleaners, and googly eyes (from Craft Jr.)
Our green glob aliens. One fell over on my white carpet (AHHH). Looked cool though!
Green Globs all better: corn syrup, green food coloring, and googly eyes (from Make and Take)
We needed some American Heroes to come save the day. I found a foldable rocket ship that I had saved from a Subway Kids Meal and then we made another rocket out of paper towel tube, paper, two foam circles, and tissue paper.

This Subway Rocket made by Smithsonian was a good find
Homemade Rocket Ship with a paper towel roll

Here to save the day or ruin the alien party (depending on the side you are on)
When we weren't playing I snuck in some learning from the Solar System Preschool Pack that 1+1+1=1 blog. I printed out some of the worksheets that use clothespins to mark the answer. I am newly obsessed with clothspins, so expect to see more with them. I especially like the cards she uses that has the child pick out the beginning consonant sound.

I also wanted to quickly note some fun games we found on the NASA website. My first favorite game was called Grab It : where four pictures of items and a rocket ship with a letter showing are on the screen. The child chooses the items that begin with that sound and the arm reaches and and puts the correct items in the ship. The second game (Rocket Builder) is matching shapes to create rocket ships. The child has to complete a whole fleet to win the game.


  1. Fun!!! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing with the Smart Summer Challenge.

    : ) MaryLea (pink and green mama)