Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Star-How I wonder...

One of our last projects for looking at space was to talk about stars and constellations. I had wanted to make with "A" a large star that some of my friends had their 3rd grade classroom do around Christmas. I got out my origami paper (you could use any paper-even wrapping paper) as long as it is square. Fold into a triangle and then once more. Then make two cuts on the fold line leaving about an inch at the edge. Open the paper up and tape the edges of the cuts together. Fold one together and then flip it over and fold it again. You will have three folds for each square. Then make a chain of 8 squares and then circle it around to make a star.When making the chain and circle I would use staples rather than glue or tape. Then you can hole punch one point and hang to enjoy.

"A" had to make a star from his own design using my origami  paper. I am trying to ease up and allow him to do more kid-directed art, rather than projects that I have a finished product in mind. This is a constant struggle with me that you can read in a previous blog.

After reading some books about constellations I found some constellation cards and had "A" punch holes where the stars are. We then put a flashlight behind the cards and made night sky on our bedroom wall. I got the idea for this from Counting Coconut's solar system mini-unit. Her mini-units are awesome and I recommend you check them out.

I couldn't finish the constellation unit with out trying out the most amazingly, cute idea that Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational blogged about. You take a picture of your child laying on the floor in a strewn out position. Print out the picture on a full 8x10 page. Put a new piece of printer paper over the photo page and then have your child mark where stars would be if they were a constellation. Then draw straight lines linking the stars. We then glued stars from our confetti bag to make it a little more festive. "A" was really excited and proud to see the final constellation of himself!
Some Books We Read:
What kiddo doesn't like glow-in-the-dark books
Both of these book are by Jacqueline Mitton and are very beautiful. Great inspiration for your personal constellation.

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