Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair = Family Fun

Where I live in Clark County, Washington there is a HUGE fair every year. It is always fun but we rarely go. My husband hates large crowds and it is very expensive. Although we don't hit this fair we have gone to another fair every year since "A" was born. An hour east on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge is a small town called Stevenson. The Skamania County fair is held during the same time as the Clark County one but a) it's free to park and enter, b) way less crowded, c) has views to kill for, and d)is from a more rural community so it seems more authentic!

 This was one of the funnest years so far. Even though they didn't have the petting zoo (which totally stinks!) it was the first time taking baby. Also it was such a joy to go with "A" now that he is five! He actually looked in the arts/crafts exhibit hall rather than rush me through. As of last year he was the recommended 42 inches (yes he is extremely tall) so he got to ride big kid rides, which he loved! This year I got to go with him for his first ferris wheel experience~hooray for making memories.

Although we had an amazing night it was also extremely bittersweet. This will be our last year at the Skamania County Fair along with many of our family traditions here in the Pacific Northwest. My husband got a job in Anchorage, Alaska and he moves up in three weeks. Since I am already assigned a school (my school that I taught in the library) for my student teaching we won't be joining him until April. This October I will be taking boys to harvest festivals without the hubby and next year we will be at a different fair. We are excited for the move and new chapter in our lives. We also know that this is a great opportunity for the entire family, but it is hard to leave behind family, friends, and traditions. I wonder what new traditions we will make in our new home.

Good Bye Skamania County Fair-we'll miss you...
But I think we will miss Daddy most of all (April can't come soon enough!)

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