Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greeting Card Storage

If you are like me, you like to hold on to sentimental greeting cards you have received over the years. If you are like my son and husband, you want to hold onto EVERY greeting card you have ever gotten. This can be problematic with cards found all over the house and in multiple boxes, just taking up space. Also, when we hold on to them that way we rarely find the cards to enjoy reading them again. There are many ways to store these memories (keepsake boxes, scrapbooks, etc) but our way is on a ring. Each person has a ring and when we get a greeting card addressed to us we hole punch the corner and add it. That way we each have a compact, grab-and-go keepsake of our very own. Whenever you are having a down day or feeling alone you can look through your cards and be reminded of the special people in your life and how much you are loved. "A" does this a lot-especially when he has been sent to timeout! Last night I just updated and added cards because my hubby is going to be apart from us because of work for some time. When he packs those cards it's just one way he can feel a little more connected to us.
My hubby's ring and mine
The Boys ("B" only has three cards on his ring)
This is just to show you how many cards can go on a ring ("A's" ring isn't even half full)

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