Sunday, August 21, 2011

Activity Bag #1

Yesterday my husband took the boys to get the tires done and he asked "A" to bring something to do as he waited. I was laying in bed (my sleep in morning) and heard the lil stinker say he didn't know where any books were? What? What? WHAT?!? First off we have a basket of library books in the living room, a book shelve just for him the the bedroom, two new magazines for him by the front door, and that doesn't include the tub of learning activities in ziplocks waiting to be used! Something had to be done. I have seen activity bags or busy bags throughout the blogging world. I have always kind of done that on long road trips but I have decided to have a bag with 6-7 things in it by the front door at all times. That way if we have a doctors appt, have to wait at the tire shop, go to a restaurant he can never claim he doesn't have anything to do. I think I will change what is in the bag every 6 weeks or so...depending how often it got used. That way he won 't get bored. As "B" gets older I will most likely make one for him too. As of this moment there is no excuse for boredom when he is out!

Let me introduce to our first activity bag:
Activity Bag #1's goodies!
The bag (with name blocked out). Bag was $1 at Michaels and then painted with fabric paint and sponge stamps.

The Activities:
A few cards from Rivers, Roads, and Rails game and transportation counters. The game is a fave of "A's" that he has wanted for a long time and I just got it for $3 at Goodwill-what a find!!! I figured he could put the counters on the roads.
Another use for the counters. I found these cards at Learning Palace. The teach sorting, counting, and patterns.
A bag of markers, hidden picture book, and our Little Kids Magazine (subscription a gift from Grandma-WOOT!)
Memory Match game I made from Disney paint samples
Number match with clothespins. Wheel found at 1+1+1=1 although I don't know the exact post.
Melissa and Doug opposite cards (I only chose 5 sets for this month). Got at Goodwill for $2-yay!
Another Goodwill find for $2-Number Dominoes
Sight Word Go Fish cards that I made. I only did three of each word (instead of traditional four).

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