Monday, August 1, 2011

What sucker will you choose?

The blogger Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational is a must go to for fantastic learning activities with your kiddos. She takes supplementing education to a whole new level! She recently did a activity she called Alphabetize Surprise (see link above). I knew that I wanted to try it out with "A", because like her son I am looking for ways to go above phonic sounds (which he knows most of) and work on sight words. What you do is take is 12 sight words and write each one on an index card. You can find Dolch Sight Words by grade level of work of  Fry's First 100 word list. When you write them make sure they are in order and then on the back of the cards in a different color write the surprise sentence: "Red, Orange, or Blue-What sucker you choose?" One word or punctuation for each card. Then mix up the cards. Then have your little one alphabetize the words. This was difficult for "A", and something I want to keep working on. Normally, he masters things in the first try, but that just means we get to do this again! Once he had alphabetized the sight words I made him read each word. Reading sight words can be tricky because they often times don't follow phonic rules. As he read them I flipped the word over to show the new word. Once the whole line of cards (and it was a long one) was flipped I read him the surprise sentence. Having a sucker at the end made all his hard work worth it!!!

We took our learning outside-too hot!
Working on alphabetizing
Some of the sight words on the Dolch pre-primer list
Told you that the line of cards is long!
"A's" sucker choice: ORANGE!

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  1. Awww, Sarah, thanks SO much for the shout out!! And I'm THRILLED that you gave this activity a try with your son. It's one of my favorites since it costs virtually nothing, can be thrown together quickly, and is deceptively educational. :) I am loving your ideas as well. Keep 'em coming!!!