Monday, August 8, 2011

Construction Sensory Bin

Like most boys "A" loves transportation, especially the big stuff: trucks, tractors, trains, etc. Construction fits the bill and I knew he would have fun playing with his construction toys. Luckily, I had a lot of things on hand like vehicles, play boulders, construction men, signs, cones and barrels. I think one of the funnest things about making a sensory bin is going on a scavenger hunt to find what could go in it. Since we had toys I had to figure out what to do with the filler. In a perfect world I would love to purchase the the recycled tire rubber pieces you sometimes find in playgrounds. I love that stuff and how cool would it be in a transportation sensory bin! Alas, I do not have the funds for something that extravagant so beans it is. Beans are great for sensory bins because they are cheap, easily found, light weight, and really do feel cool to run your hands through. This is by far "A's" favorite sensory bin thus far!!!

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