Friday, August 5, 2011

Living with Baby

I finally broke down and rearranged the living room to better meet the needs of the family. It was exhausting trying to make sure the baby wasn't trying to climb in the fireplace, pull the TV off the shelve, chew cords, or eat something off of the floor. I was constantly running behind baby trying to make sure he was safe or always putting him in the play pen (which I hate doing). Our house is very small and the new arrangement makes it very closed off and I feel kind of weird making the living room the new playroom. However, living with it for a week I kinda love it. I have one area that I know that the kids can pull anything out and play in a totally safe environment. Since the new living space everyone gravitates here, including the dogs. "A" hasn't played with many of his toys in months, but since bring them out into the living room it is like he has discovered long last friends. I can't believe I didn't do this earlier!

The New and Improve Living Room:

Family Enjoying New Space:

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