Thursday, August 11, 2011

Word Clouds with Wordle

I am not sure if you are familiar with Wordle, but if you aren't go quick!!! It  is an amazing FREE website that creates word clouds. You can create word clouds for about anything. I thought we would finish up the space study by doing a word cloud on space as a way to assess vocabulary and comprehension. The point of the word cloud is you can only use single words. This can be a challenge when you are describe something. This was super difficult for "A" who likes to talk ALOT and in long sentences. He is learning though and I think it will help him in school-especially with poetry.

To make a word cloud with Wordle you click on create at the top. Then you type words. If you want a word to be larger you type multiple times. For example with the above Wordle we typed: Space Space Space Pluto Mars Earth Earth Stars. You don't put commas. Then when you are done typing hit go. A word cloud will appear. You can hit randomize and it will rearrange word clouds in different font, color, shape, etc. When you find one you like you can also change the color and font yourself. You can also make them either vertical or horizontal. When you are complete hit print. Viola you are done. Easy Peasy!!! I can't wait to use them in the classroom but here is just a couple other ways we have used them at home:
We are moving to Anchorage in a year and this is the positives to share with "A" to help with idea of moving.
We also made them as Father Day gifts. Here is the one "A" made for Daddy. We made ones for the grandpas too!

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