Friday, August 5, 2011

Circle Tot Sensory Basket

My newest sensory basket for baby was directed by none other than "B" himself. He found a tennis ball and was having fun playing, so I thought I should do a whole basket of balls and other circular shapes. It seems to be a big hit! I had a happy mommy moment when I saw him tracing the circle shape of a wheel with his finger.

The Basket:
What I Included:
Balls with different textures (also added a small cloth one and a beach ball)   
Different Lids
Tambourine and CD (odd sensory items)
Kitchen Items (Measuring Cups and Soda Lids)
Circular toys
Water bottle with poms and a glass baby food jar with wooded beads (baby loved so much couldn't get pic alone)
 "B" Exploring Basket:

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