Friday, July 29, 2011

Shark ABC Attack

I have been scouring the computer for fun activities and games to help "A" with reading sight words and lowercase letters. I recently came across I Heart Crafty Things and saw the cutest game with a homemade shark that eats flashcards. It was so simple and adorable I had to make one. Let alone, I knew this would be a way to look at flashcards that "A" wouldn't run shrieking away from. Man, was I right...he loved the game and did some good reading as well! The game is to put flashcards (we made homemade ones that look like fish) with letters or sight words face up on the floor or table. Next you say, "Mr. Shark is looking for the letter..." They choose the letter and if it is correct they get to feed the shark. If you are doing a word you would say, "Mr. Shark is looking for the word...." It truly was a hit and can't wait to play it again! If you want to play this game and make a shark of your own get a legal size envelope and seal it. Next color it gray. Cut out a large triangle from the side. Clue the triangle you cut out so it is sealed on all sides. This will be glued to the top to make your fin. Next put a googly eye,tooth and gills. In I Heart Crafty Things she used felt teeth and yarn for fins but I just used what I had on hand-paper.

I chose lowercase letters that don't look like their uppercase and some sight words


  1. That does look like a fun game!

  2. Your shark turned out so cute! Thanks for linking the project back to my blog. I'm so happy you enjoyed this game! I am in love with your fish flashcards, what a great idea! I'm thinking I need to make some.