Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Day of Milestones

Today was "A's" first day of kindergarten. Man, was he excited! Normally I it takes me over an hour to get him dressed but this morning he had shoes, coat, backpack on 10 minutes before we had to leave. He kept reciting his room number and then when he saw it he said, "Okay Mom, I have it from here." Ya, well I had to quickly inform him that I was walking all the way and taking pictures the entire time. I didn't even cry- I am so proud of myself. Although when I got home it seemed so...empty.
What a big boy!
Chickabug has these adorable 1st day of school signs
"A" with his kindergarten teacher (Mrs. Brusseau)
When we picked him up he was as happy as can be. The first thing out of his mouth was "I hope tomorrow is exactly like today." He told me all about eating lunch "IN THE GYM!", snack time, playing with blocks, learning the sign language to go to the toilet, recess, a new friend named Scout, and stories read to him. He told me that when they read the Kissing Hand (excellent book) a girl commented that it was always night. "A" said he rose his hand and said, "That's because raccoons are noctornul animals." His teacher asked him to share more about that so he proudly told me that he got to "teach what noctornul means!" Proud Mama!!!
First day of big kid school is not the only milestone we experience today however. Later on this afternoon "A" was out with Daddy for a very special play date. They went bowling and played in the arcade. When they were driving home he said his mouth felt weird. Daddy investigated only to find he had lost his very first tooth! This was quite a surprise because he had mentioned two weeks ago his bottom teeth felt funny. I said its possible he bonked it or it could be getting loose. He has not brought it up since. He didn't even know he lost it, which means that he most likely swallowed it! We had a special tooth fairy book with a pillow box that we got as a door prize four years ago. So instead of a tooth inside is a note to the tooth fairy explaining the situation. He has a fun chart to mark which tooth he lost, the date, where, important memories, and what he got from the tooth fairy. How weird that his first day of school as a big boy is also the day he loses his first tooth. He is growing up!!!

Wow! It certainly been one eventful day around here. I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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