Monday, August 8, 2011

Word Bingo with Coin Markers

While tutoring emerging readers sight word Bingo is often a favorite game. It is easy to find printable bingo cards or even to make them yourself. One of my favorite resource is the premade Dolch Primer Bingo cards (8 in total) at Bingo Card Creator. Playing sight word Bingo by itself is a great learning game but I wanted to add in an extra learning component. I decided to pull out my play coins. For "A" to have a Bingo (win the game) he needed to have over $1.00 on his card. I included one penny as the free space marker and the coin that would put it over the dollar mark. Then I gave him one quarter and different combinations of nickels and dimes. I had about $1.20 available to him, even though he only needed to reach $1.00. I was hoping he would figure out that if he went with dimes then he would need to look for less words, but he used all the nickels first. I think strategy will come later as he learns the coins better. I also introduced a hundreds chart to help with the counting of the markers. "A" has never used a hundreds chart before, but he was definitely intrigued. I love his "Aha" moment when he noticed tens were right underneath each other. It was through the use of the chart that I discovered he could count by tens (something he had failed to share with me before)! I really liked the use of reading and math integrated into the game. We will definitely be playing it again.

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