Saturday, September 3, 2011

Games to Get You Moving!

If you are like me you have an active child. It's very tempting to try to calm the little beasts. We want them to sit still for dinners, stories, crafts, learning, etc. Sometimes it's nice to encourage the craziness! Not only is it great exercise but it let's children who are active be themselves-both of these are confidence boosters. So I propose two homemade games that you can do anywhere.

The first is game is Active ABCs. We have printable ABC exercise cards that we got from Homeschool Share when we did our Human Body Lapbook. We instantly loved the fun exercise ideas like "I is for act like an inchworm" and "Z is for run in a zig-zag". It dawned in me that they are doing no good stored away in the lapbook but should be pulled out. They would be great to bring along on road-trips! I decided to make a game by putting ABC letter stickers on Bingo Markers I had lying around. The first part of the game is having your child lay out the ABC cards in order (a little alphabetizing lesson). Then put the markers in a bag or hat. Have a person draw a letter and match it to the card. Then you have to do what the card says. Take turns until you are done. Trust me laughing will ensue and your kids love to see you doing the exercise activities almost as much as doing it themselves! This is a great way to teach exercises, ABCs, Matching, Phonics, etc. Love it!!!
U is for lie down and pretend you are riding a Unicycle.
The second game is one my son and my mom made up. This is so simple you won't believe it. Put activities on strips of paper and put in a bowl. Each person rolls one dice. Who ever has the highest (we have also played the lowest) draws a strip and does what it says.This is a great way to mix both learning and exercising together. It also teaches number recognition and telling highest and lowest.  The ideas really are endless. Some ideas:
  • Find an item that is red (or any color you put)
  • Pat your head and rub your tummy
  • Sing ABC song
  • Count backwards from 10
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • Dance as you sing your favorite song
  • 5 sit-up
  • Say a nursery rhyme, tell a joke, or say a tongue twister
  • Stand on a chair
  • Spin around 3x fast
  • Say Pledge of Allegiance
  • Find something that starts with the letter S
  • Hop like a bunny
A little out of focus but you get the idea
"A" dancing with his "Disco Beads"
This is his favorite thing to add to the slips (scoot across the floor on your bum-just hope you don't grab it)
 They are both store so easily and are perfect for rainy days, activity bags, and just when you know you child needs to get some wiggles out. Trust me if you play it with them you will laugh your head off as you make fools of yourself!
Ready to grab and play!

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