Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 A Day Books: At the Farm

I loved the Eric Carle books last week but they were a little advanced from my wee baby! I am returning to some more basic books and chose the theme: At the Farm. All of the books have minimal text, rhyming sentences, and allow me to work on animal and sound concepts.  If you want to know more about the 5 A Day Book idea and the benefits for children before they reach elementary age check out The Imagination Tree blog. Most of the books I got at Target Dollar Bin a few years ago so I am showing them in more detail. Farm books are great for toddlers because you can do fun animal sounds to have child associate animals to the noises they make. Do it even if the page doesn't tell my your baby loves it when you make a fool of yourself!
Big brother reading to little brother-who has horsey in hand!
 1) Who's on the Farm? Lift the Flap Book: This was a $1 bin find at Target last year. This is the one brother will read because it has pictures to hint at what the animal may be (so "A" can look at picture cues). It's great way for "A" to use schema and inference to figure out what he should read to brother.
2) Farm Animal Guess Who: Another lift the flap that came in the same $1 bin as the above book last year at Target
3) Farmer Mickey: This was also a Target $1 bin book in 2008. When my oldest was younger he LOVED Mickey (especially the old cartoons). For his 2nd birthday I had a party at a local farm with hayride included. I saw these books and picked them up as party favors for the guests. Has great rhymes and our favorite characters too!
4) Tough Stuff -Tractor Power: This I know you can find places. It is part of a really fun series (Tough Stuff). It is great for boys who love trucks and tractors! A lot of books have fun interactive components too. This one is pretty straight forward though. Each book has a character and this one is Farmer Finn as we look at different tractors and their duties.
5) Happy Baby-Who Lives on the Farm: This one I got in a free box at my public library. Why I do not know? There is nothing wrong with it and a great board book with colorful pictures, shiny elements, and rhyming text. Great find if I say so myself!!!

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