Saturday, September 10, 2011

Activity Bag #2

Well we have been doing activity bags for about three weeks and we love it. I normally keep it in the car and have used it frequently on long drives and mostly at restaurants. Once we even used it to wait in the passport line and all the other kiddos were jealous and wanted to join in. We have exhausted most items so it's time to rotate in some new fun items (mostly found at the dollar bin at Target). He wants to play with it now but he has to wait for a time when I really need it --come on parents you know when I mean!

The newest activity bag
(still kept in his green canvas bag he decorated with his name):
All the goodies in one place!
Target $1 Mickey Grab-N-Go back with coloring book, stickers, and crayons
Mickey Paint Chips: I have two of each to play memory or I thought we could use to markers and a mini boggle thing to play a made up came that involves counting forward and backwards.
$1 Target Putty: I don't know how this will go or just be a complete mess. It's about being a kid right!
Target Halloween Stamps $1 and Frankenstein Monster notepads also for $1
LeapFrog Explorerer. I hate video games but he it was xmas gift. He loves it and it has great educational games.
These are left over from the last activity bag: Little Kids mag (my fave for preschoolers) and sight word Go Fish cards.
A small wooden tractor puzzle (part of a 4 set made by Melissa and Doug)
Four See and Spell Wood Cards that have CVC words on them and the letters (also by Melissa and Doug)
Is it bad that I want to play with it too?

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  1. great idea for long car rides or restaurants - I always keep goodies in my purse like this. I love tucking away those $1 spot finds!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase & hope to see you again this week-