Sunday, September 4, 2011


This weekend has been a hard one around here. On Thursday, my husband packed up our SUV and headed for Alaska. He starts his new job on Tuesday. I had high hopes of a calm goodbye with tons of quality family time before hand-which didn't present itself. "A", in a way to cope, acted very nonchalant to his Dad when he left and in turn left my husband emotional and despondent as well. I had wanted to take pictures of the packed car and the goodbyes but it didn't seem personal.

The last few days have been trying to clean the house (which was in shambles as my hubby rifled through trying to find what he needed and also what would fit in the car). Now that the house is in order I am trying to put the family in order too. I am trying to establish routines and chore charts (more on that in another post). Anything to get us through the next seven months when we can be a family again. I am trying to figure out how the whole being a single parent thing will work with one baby and another behavioral child in his first year of school.

"A" has mentioned a couple of times that he needs his Daddy and wants to wrestle and hug him. He asked me how long until he sees him again-which is 7 weeks when my husband comes home for "B's" 1st bday. I think "A" thought that was 7 days. When I told him it was 49 he got distraught. So we decided to make happy and colorful chain to count down the days. "A" loves it and how it looks hanging up. He will love it even more as the chain starts to dwindle!
Counting how many days left
One source of comfort to me right now is my dog Mulder. My oldest dog was a Valentines Day present in 2005. He was my first baby (which I never understood how people would act like that to pets until him). Mulder has always had a special bond with me. When I was pregnant with "A" in 2006 once again my husband got a job up in Alaska but this time worked two weeks away and than had two weeks home. I remember feeling alone and scared at that first time pregnancy and then first time mom. Mulder always laid beside me and comforted me. He came and found me whenever I cried. I can attest to dogs raising endorphins and lifting spirits. The funny thing when "A" came Mulder changed. He still would come when I was super sad but for the most part kept his distance. He would try to find alone times to get a little love but things weren't the same. He tolerated "A" but barely. You could tell he there was no love felt for the new baby-Mulder was jealous! The oddest thing has occurred this week though. Mulder has been finding "A" to offer love-very similar to what he gave to me when I was alone and needed comfort long ago. Perhaps Mulder knows "A" needs the extra friend right now. It really just makes me love that dog so much more!

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