Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Many More Bites?

So I don't know about you but I hear, "How many more bites?" (enter whine here) almost every dinner time. There are so many thoughts on the whole dinner rules and forcing kids to eat that it can be mind boggling! So initially, I always told myself that I would not make my children clean their plate, but they need to try a bite of everything-every time. An example would be that if peas were served at dinner he would have to try a bite, and then if it is served again two days later, another bite (even if he KNOWS he hates them). This way they have exposure to vegetables and new food, and the goal is that HOPEFULLY after the 20th try they will magically love them. Now to be fair I have seen it work that way! Well, this  wonderful plan was not working. I started to realize that my son's ENTIRE diet was made up or carbohydrates. For my family and my medical issues this is very worrisome. To ensure he got more protein and veggies we initiated the bite thing. However, we gear up  tears, whining, and arguing every meal. Not that I mind the fighting but I stumbled upon a way that makes us all happy and makes family dinners more peaceful.

Here we were with the same, "Wah, Not four more bites" when I suggested we play a game of chance instead. He could roll a die. Whatever number he rolled he had to have that many bites. He may only get a two and I told him I would accept it, but if he rolled a six he had to accept that number too. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself. Guess what he rolled?- A five....and he happily ate every bite. Since then he doesn't even ask the bite question. We keep the dice by the dinner table and when it is toward the end of the meal he announces, "I'm gonna roll the dice, Okay?" He loves that not only is it a game, but he gets to be in control. Some times it works in his favor, but often it doesn't. When he rolls a six, "Ah, Man!" (but instead of enter whine here it is enter laugh here).
Ahh, the dreaded turkey burger patty- 5 more bites Buddy! Ignore the super not healthy dinner ;0)

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