Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Step Through Time

In my town of Vancouver, WA (across from the Columbia River of Portland, OR) is a National Historic Site- Fort Vancouver. The fort was the main supply depot of the British Hudson Bay Company and dealt primarily with trading furs. It had a range of 700,000 square miles, and utilized 24 posts, 6 ships, and 600 employees. It served as a multicultural hub of more than 35 tribal and ethnic groups and was the early end of the Oregon Trail. Later, it became a US Army post and still to this day is situated next to an Army Barracks. Once a year they do a walking tour by candlelight that begins in WWII and goes back in time to the Indian War, Civil War, Oregon Trail, straight to the fort. There are live reenactments and memorabilia. We try to go every year unless we get rained out. Even today the drizzle was trying to get us to change our mind, but I am so glad we didn't. "A" loved it and I think this is the first time he really remembered it. It was great to see him playing with children who were displaying toys from the Oregon Trail (Pick-up Sticks, Jacob's Ladder, and Cup and Ball). I took a ridiculous amount of pictures so I will choose some of my favorites.

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