Friday, September 16, 2011

52 Reasons...

On Sept. 8th it was my 10 year wedding anniversary. I always thought this would be a monumental occasion, but alas my dear husband and I were separated by more than 2400 miles. I am big on making gifts for anniversaries and Valentines Day because I think those events especially demand something a little more personal. I had to think of something that could be mailed up relatively easily as well. On Pinterest I found just the thing: using a deck of cards to make a book of reasons why you love someone. I have been dying to blog how cute it turned out, but I had to wait until my hubby got it so not to ruin his gift. He just got it today- a week late (Argh!). So now that he has it I can share it with all of you!

Finished Product next to our wedding photo.
The front of the "book" with embellishments hot glued on. Most books don't have the "Always Will" part but I added it.
Example of pages. The front cover is on a Joker card so there is still 52 cards to use for reasons.
I just typed the reasons in Word. Most people comment on how hard it is to think of 52-for me surprisingly easy.
Cut and Paste-very tedious done over a couple nights.
Good Tip: Use the other Joker card as a template for punching holes. Test it out with a card that has a lot of text to make sure you put holes far enough apart not to cut away any text. Also you can only hole punch 2 cards at a time max!

My gift you ask (or not but I will tell you anyway):
Beautiful flowers surprised delivered to my door! It is so reminiscent of the early years we were together!


  1. What a special gift and your flowers are beautiful, Sarah! Congrats on 10 wonderful years together!! My husband and I just celebrated our 11th and he gave me stargazer lilies too. (Don't they smell heavenly?)

  2. They do.My house smelled amazing. "A" thought they were fake and I said "Can't you smell them." He took a big whiff and changed his mind real quick ;o)