Saturday, September 17, 2011

Animal Silhouettes

It was time to pull the watercolors out-it has been awhile! I wanted to try an effect similar to the tape resist painting we did when we studies shapes (still one of my favorite art pieces we have done so far) but this time using animal stencils. The idea was to take animal stencils and make templates. Then water color around the templates and remove them when it had dried. The effects aren't as dramatic because the watercolors always dry a little light but they turned out pretty cool. I would have to say it was harder to make sure not get under the stencil than with tape and you can see than on my elephant painting the trunks didn't turn out perfect. Either way it was a fun morning of painting with my little man!

"Wild Horses" by "A"
"Special Bond" by me

1 comment:

  1. hese are cute - love the contrast of the white animals & watercolors.

    Thanks for sharing your fun with us on the Sunday Showcase. We hope to see you link up what you've been up to this week.