Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lapbooks Galore

I discovered lapbooks back in February. I can't get enough of them. The homeschooling community uses these as tools for their curriculum. I may not homeschool, but I find them perfect for supplemental learning with my preschooler. A lapbook is a folded up file folder that you put pocket books studying a theme in. One of my favorite things is how you can have a keepsake of your learning that touches all subjects in one folder. I get almost all of my lapbook ideas and printables at Homeschool Share, an amazing free resource. There are tons of websites and ideas out there if you Google lapbooks, I just think Homeschool Share is the best. The ideas are endless and it's fun trying to find ways to be creative and add more to the lesson.

I wanted to include some of the lapbooks I have done with "A". I have done more than the ones included but they were a study on holidays, so I will save them for other posts. I hope this gives you an idea of what lapbooks are and what you can do with them. To get started on how to make a lapbook watch this YouTube tutorial.

Little Toot Lapbook (Homeshare Printable):

Watched movie for book comparison
 Video of our lapbook

Officer Buckle and Gloria Lapbook (Homeshare Printable):

Video of our Lapbook

Pirate Lapbook (Homeshare Printable)

 Video of themed lapbook "A chose-pirates
Japan Lapbook (LapbookLessons Printable):

 Our study of Japan
Human Body Lapbook (Homeshare Printable):

"A's" life size human body held in pocket in the back of book
Close up to see labels and organ print-outs
 Our biggest one yet
All About Me Lapbook (homeshare printable):

 No supplemental text for this one, since it is just about your little one.

These are the ones we have done so far. Phew, that was a lot!!! I am trying to find ways to incorporate these into my classroom with older children. I think lapbooks may be a fun way organize and teach social studies units. I am thinking in particular The Colonies, Native Americans, Revolutionary War, etc. Let you know if I complete one. They also have them for older children literature studies. In fact, "A" and I are doing one now for our read-aloud of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.

A note on storing these bad boys: They are pretty compact but they can pile up. I have seen some people put duct tape on the edge and then three-ring hole punch the tape. I don't really like that. I think it takes away from the look of them. Let's face it, duct tape is ugly (except the cool new ones in craft stores). I saw one person who didn't keep them in a lapbook form but put each individual page in a plastic page protector, so all the books where in a binder. I like that idea and may switch to it later on down the road. I tried to put them in the page protectors as they are now and they don't fit, so I need to do some problem solving...another day!


  1. These look cool! I've never heard of them and now I want to investigate more.
    Visiting from WeTeach.

  2. Great ideas. Inspiring. Fun body pics. You might like our Free Bible Lessons & Lapbooks at and peek into our new Lapbooks