Saturday, September 10, 2011

Green Tot Sensory Basket

It is time for a new sensory basket for my little one. I change out the tot sensory basket faster then the older kiddos sensory bin because the attention span is so short. I am going back to work on colors. I loved the letter B and fully plan to continue with the alphabet when "B" is older. Honesty, he doesn't need to know that concept quite yet. I think I will focus on shapes and colors. The red basket was a huge hit so I thought I would try green. I tried something new so I hope you like it (I am still on the fence).

The Basket:

The Items:
Shapes: cookie cutters, plastic bendable bracelet, ring, and tubberware lid
Bow & Beads (from last basket), cardboard lacing card, and wooden beads strung onto a pipecleaner
Things that go: metal tractor, hard plastic truck, train, boat, soft plastic garbage truck, and wind-up dino (he loves it)
Trees: Felt and plastic. The palms rotate so that is fun
Blocks: Wood and Plastic
Stuffed frog, teether, plastic horse, Mr. Potato head hat, and binkey
Noise Makers: whistle, ball snapper, snake that rotates, and a pretend level (makes a rattle sound)
Sensory bag: shaving cream and food dye (taped shut) I put green confetti items as a search and find option. Not sure if I like this or not. We will see! Definitely provides a different texture than he is use to.
Wooden beads were his favorite
Exploring the sensory bag
Trying to figure out how the beads got into the level (see brother on his head in the back ;0)
Obviously the train needs to go on the garbage truck
Ball snapper being used as yet another oral toy.


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