Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Experimenting with Ramps

Over at PreKinders Blog I found another great science idea, using ramps. I set up ramp with some materials from my backyard. Then I chose 10 items to have "A" roll down the ramps. I made two boxes to sort the ones who would roll and the ones who would not. The rule was that the item needed to roll down the entire ramp and not fall off halfway, if it did then it went in the No box. Of course, he was able to test the item more than once to make sure it wasn't user error. Now like all good scientist it is important for the child to first make predictions and then test them out, which is exactly what we did. I have to say "A" loved this and keeps pulling the ramp back in the house to try new items.

Our original 10 items were:  tambourine, water sensory bottle, baby grip ball, sorting ring, triangle, wooden circle, wheel, wood dowel, Mr. Potato Head (without accessories), and a heart cookie cutter.

Science Center all set up

The Experiment:
The Results:

Did any of the result shock you. They did us!

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