Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ABC Stickers

For a little supplementing today I had "A" pull out his ABC Letter Stickers (he has a few different sets). The first skill was matching ABC's to ones I had stamped onto a recycled paper towel roll. The second sticker activity was another type of matching put he had to use the letters to write some sight words we are working on. At first he was getting tired because he kept saying his ABC's to find the right letter on the sticker packs, and he thought that was just too much like work. Then I told him he didn't need to say the ABC's every time but look for the shape of the letters (like a circle for the letter o). I described it like a search-and-find game and all of a sudden he had a lot more fun.

ABC Sticker Match:
Sight Word Sticker Writing:


  1. Great activities, Sarah! And you're SO smart to tell him it was like a search-and-find game. (Sometimes, it's all about how you "sell it.") I love the sticker writing and that it'd be a fun way to practice the spelling words that'll soon be coming home with my son from school! Thanks (as always) for the amazing ideas!!!

  2. oh, i like the sticker writing too! I will definitely be trying this with my kindergartener

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase & hope to see you again next week.