Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grouchy Ladybugs

For my 5 A Day Books this week we are reading Eric Carle books. I thought it would be fun to do a little activity to go along with The Grouchy Ladybug, that would also go nicely with our feelings unit. I took a picture of both boys being grouchy and then made them into grouchy ladybug characters. Then I made a speech bubble and had "A" told me when he is grouchy. We both knew when "B" is unhappy because it is a rare occurrence. They turned out super funny. I should note I got this idea from some amazing 1st grade teacher friends at the school I work at. It is super easy and also get's children talking about feelings.

Then we reread the story with our toy clock. Each time the time changed I had "A" turn the clock to the appropriate time. Then we could hear, "Now the time is 6 o'clock". I want to get some actual clock manipulative practice in since it is a skill we are just starting to learn.
All this grouchyness tied in nicely to our emotion vocabulary card for the day: anger. This is a tough one in our house and we talked a lot about healthy ways to deal with anger and not healthy ways. So hopefully the next time we are grouchy we can use some good strategies to handle this explosive emotion!


  1. Those ladybugs are so cute! I laughed at the "cage of doom" haha! We just got that book at the library for our upcoming bug unit and my boys love it! I especially love how you tied in the clock. Such great ideas!

  2. I echo Rachel's comments. Your ladybugs are awesome! What a clever way to talk about emotions while reading a great book!

  3. Ha! That looks so cute! Thanks for sharing this on the Sunday SHowcase!