Saturday, September 10, 2011


About a month ago I went to Goodwill and got some awesome finds in the game area. Not only did I get Melissa and Doug Opposites Puzzle and Number Dominoes for $1.99 (WHAT?!) but a game called Rapido. Weird I know but I was intrigued because it is made entirely of bamboo (all except a rope that is) which makes it completely natural. I also liked that it had an international feel to it. I finally got around to playing it and all though it is simple "A" loved it and it is excellent at teaching patterns.

 You put the rope which is already in a circular shape on the floor and then put wooden balls (think marble size) in a cup with no bottom or top. Then draw a pattern card. Lift up the cup and release the balls. The object is bamboo rod contraption grab the balls on your pattern card. First one to fill the rod wins, but it must match the pattern exactly. I picked up this game for $2.99 and I tell you it was a steal!
Gives you an idea of the box. Nice tape Huh! Remember it was well loved people.

A rubberband captures the ball (don't ask me how it works)
If you can't find the game it would be fun to make pattern cards and then find some type of marker (bear, food, transportation counters, marbles, etc.) and then using a hand claw or tongs race to see who could match the card the fastest. This would be easy to replicate. little wheels are turning! What a fun way to teach pre-K math skills of sequencing and patterns.

Also on a side note you can find excellent children books at Goodwill too. The most expensive books are about $2 but I have found tons for only a 25 cents.

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  1. Interesting- I have never seen that before- thanks for sharing it on The Sunday Showcase!