Saturday, October 15, 2011

Felt Jack-O-Lanterns

I don't know where I originally saw the idea for this, possibly at Pink and Green Mama's blog. Anyway, I have been trying to work with felt lately and I wanted to whip up something fast. I am new at the whole felt world and am trying to work on a HUGE felt food project (slow-going) for Christmas . I will show you if I ever complete it ;0). I love how inexpensive felt is, I can normally get three sheets for about $1. For Halloween I cut out three pumpkin shapes in orange (took two sheets) and then made different noses, eyes, and mouths out of 1/2 of a black sheet. I used mostly shapes but tried to do some funky mouths. Other people have took this a step further and made a game out of it. The create a die to roll with the different parts, so if they roll an eye they can add an eye. Taking turns the first to complete their Jack-O-Lantern first wins. I love this and will probably adapt my current ones next year (when I will have more time-hopefully). Please be gentle on your critique of my cutting skills (again I am just learning), but with the picture you get the idea. "A" loved it and so I stayed up making more mouth features last night. He begged me to add it to his activity bag for our road trip today. Ooooh-I just thought about making white ghost to put the face features on too. That would be fun too!
These lips crack me up-like weird claymation ones (I've got better at the cutting- I promise) 


  1. Your pumpkins are adorable and I love that you made a game out of attaching all their features! We're having a friend's daughter over today and I'm thinking this would be a fun thing for my oldest to do with her. Hi Ho, Hi Ho ... off to buy felt I go!

  2. I love this! Thanks for linking this up to Monstrously Creative Saturday!
    Mandi at BBM

  3. adorable & great that you can supply different features and let kid have fun creating different pumpkin faces!

    Thanks for sharing on the Sunday Showcase! I hope to see you again this week! I showcased these on facebook & Twitter!