Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Autumn is FINALLY showing its hue

The leaves are just starting to change here. There is one tree on my whole block that has turned the most vibrant orange/red color. It seems so much brighter than any autumn tree I have ever seen, but I am now convinced because it is the only one at the moment and the contrast is just so striking!
Since I have never been known for my patience and I needed to capitalize on a day without rain I took "A" on a pretty leaf hunt. Surprisingly, we found some great leaves. Not a ton but something to work with. I am hoping that next week we can do some color graphing with them and then make some leaf animals, but my hubby is coming to visit for the weekend and it is "B's" first birthday (double yay!). That being said we will see what I actually accomplish. On the walk we did find an unusual pinecone that I brought home for "A's" discovery box. It is a small box I think people use for fishing. In fact, I think it came in a kids fishing pole kit. We find small nature stuff to put in the small compartments. It can be carried around and "A" usually has his magnifying glass accompanying it. Some things we have in the compartments is sea glass, a robin's eggshell, rocks, seashells, pinecones, etc.
From our leaf hunt
Discovery Box treasures
The green pinecone that looks like palm tree was what we found today
"A's" Discovery Box and magnifying glass
Wanting to bring the fall trees into our home we did a little Pinterest craft. My sister game me a box of toilet paper rolls (oh the things I can think) and then today I hit the mother-load of good deals. I see all these people who use cardstock to print everything on. I have looked everywhere and that stuff is ridiculous expensive. I was so discouraged and kept crafting on printing paper. Then today at Craft Wharehouse they had a set of 300 pages of different color cardstock for $12.99. Holy Cow I was excited! So taking the toilet paper roll and cardstock "A" made a little Autumn tree. Then I had to add it to some of the Halloween decorations I have found the time to put out.
We used pencil erasers to make the dots.
Finished toilet paper tree ;0). Decorated bookcase top. The little foam tree in the corner is at Target now for $1
Decorated Fireplace Mantel ( I know you are all jealous of my vintage movie poster)

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