Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autumn Weekend at Coast

My mom and I packed up the boys for a weekend at the Oregon Coast. We couldn't have asked for better weather (sunny, blue skies, 60 degrees, with a light wind) or a funner time. We started by heading to Newport. In Newport we have a very nice aquarium (made for Kieko-aka Free Willy) and we have gone quite a few times. However, most people don't realize just down the street is the Hatfield Marine Science Center of Oregon State University. Here they also have aquarium tanks, tide pools you can touch, and other interactive exhibits but it is FREE! They have a slot for donations to support the program but my donation was the same price of one persons admission to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
We were so lucky the Octopus was out and on the glass (rare) and right next to a Sunburst Sea Star
"B" loved the Anemones gripping his finger. Luckily a man told me that the stinger cells sometimes stick to babies fingers and they get hurt when the fingers go in the mouth. Good to know!
There was lots of sensory items there
Killer Whale Skull
Next up was beach time. Where my lovely children decided to lay in the sand and make "sand" angels and eat the sand. I was trying not to have anxiety attacks, but when the baby rubbed his eyes with handfuls of sand it was time to go. A mommy can only take so much. Plus we had to get to Lincoln City to check into the hotel, have dinner, indoor pool time, and watch Gnomio and Juliet. Before movie time my mom made marshmallow shooters for a hotel battle. So many giggles!
"B" waiting for mini marshmallows to fall so he can get a treat
Its war!
Make your own shooters by cutting bottom of disposable cup and putting a tied balloon also cut in half over bottom.
The next morning it was time to hit the Lincoln City beaches. We had seen tide pools in a museum, but it was time to see them in their natural habitat. Then my favorite memory growing up-agate hunting. On the way home I had a surprise in store. In Lincoln City artist hide their hand blown glass balls (reminiscent of the old glass balls that would wash up on shore from ships). For five years I have been dying to find one of these special treasures. On the way back to the car I found one in the sand and "A" found one next to a lamppost. I did a happy dance right then and there.
Found Hermit Crab
Doesn't he look excited to get a pic with his Dear ole Ma?
My mom taking the kids to the surf
Run! Don't let the wave get you!
Seaweed anyone-or is this Kelp?
Agate Hunting
Jellyfish washed up on the shore
My glass ball. Isn't it gorgeous?
The two treasures together

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