Monday, October 31, 2011

Handprint Bats

Sorry I haven't been blogging much this week. It has been crazy with parent/teacher conferences, working, and an audit for school. I am one busy girl. I have eight more assignments due before Thanksgiving and then I FINALLY get to student teach. I will try to balance my time, but I have to push through that last month.

Last week I had the privilege of subbing in my friends Learning Support classroom. I happen to be there on Wednesday Art day. No complaints from me!!! My friend had found a cute handprint bat project and I spent all day cutting 30 little hands out of construction paper. Not a bad day of work.

It was so cute I brought one home for "A" to do. It was so fascinating to see how all the kiddos chose to decorate their bats. Some did whimsical colors and yet some chose to make them realistic. When I told "A" that he said "I'm not a black sort of kid so I am going to use colors". Right he is-that boy loves himself some color. You can find the bat printable at DLTK. Just color, glue together, and make handprints out of construction paper for the wings. Cute-Cute!

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