Monday, October 17, 2011

5 A Day Books: Transporation

It is another week of choosing five books to read to baby "b". The whole family has Strep Throat so there will be lots of time for cuddles and reading books. The theme for 5 A Day books was actually chosen by my older son. He chose transportation (he says, "Things that have wheels"), one of his favorite things. 5 A Day is the idea that if you read the same five books for a week to your infant/toddler you can form a bonding ritual that provides language acquisiton. To learn more about this idea read over at the Imagination Tree. I can tell you that two months ago my infant would have nothing to do with books, but now he is grabbing books and handing them to me. A small step towards a lifetime of loving books.

1) What Am I? by Salina Yoon. This book my 5 year-old son found at the library and fell in love. He begged to have this be one of the books we read to "B" this week. It has a shadow figure and you pull away the shadow to see the vehicle behind. Each page has a fun rhyme to help little ones guess the hidden picture.
2) Inside Freight Train by Donald Crews. I love the colors and illustrations of the original Freight Train by Crews so when I saw the board book companion I had to buy it. It also has a pull out tabs to see what is inside the freight cars. Train lovers will appreciate this book.
3) Baby Beep! Beep! by Dawn Sirett. Another adorable lift-the-flap book. Each page has a question and you see a toy block set-up. You lift the flap and see a toy vehicle behind the blocks.
4) That's Not My Train (Usbourne Touchy-Feely Books) I am so in love with this series of books. We own about four different ones. Infants and toddlers love the textured pages.
5) That's Not My Car (Usbourne Touchy-Feely Books) Another one in our collection. I can't recommend these books enough!

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