Sunday, October 23, 2011

Book Character Pumpkins

I was feeling nostalgic last month remembering when as a child, my elementary school had us decorate pumpkins as our favorite book characters. I think I made Pipi Longstockings, and my brother made the man with a yellow hat from Curious George. I don't recall why we loved these characters and chose them, but how proud we were of the finished project. The same week I was telling "A" about it I discovered my son's school does the same thing, called the Parade of Pumpkins. Well, tomorrow is the big day when the pumpkins are do. "A" chose Chester from Melanie Watt's books. If you have not read the Chester books they are hilarious. It is a cat who has a red marker and writes over Melanie's book to create a book with him as the rightful main character. Arguments and mayhem ensue. Melanie Watt is one of my favorite picture book writers and her Chester books, along with Scaredy Squirrels series are a must read.

Without further adieu our Chester Pumpkin...

TA DA! He has his red pen and graffitied all over Melanie Watt's Picture
Chester is mad that Melanie finally let him be the main character only to put him in a pink tutu!
The mouse had to get his vengeance too!