Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Owl Lapbook

A few posts earlier, I had mentioned that "A" and I were going to do a mini learning unit on owls. I found a short but cute lapbook on Homeschool Share. I love this place for free printables when it comes to lapbooks and mini units. So after reading Owl Babies by Martin Waddle and All About Owls by Jim Arnosky we got down to working on the lapbook. This is probably the smallest lapbook we have done. I was sort of bummed that they didn't have a math component. In fact, unlike most lapbooks there isn't a lot of subject crossover. There was some good information to be learned though.

The best ways to share a lapbook is on video. So if you wish I included one...

 Not wanting to end any major learning unit without some art or craft I took advantage of the toilet paper rolls my sister-in-law has saved up for me. I found some sweet, colorful owls on Pinterest and they were just too easy to make. So now they join the owls we made from pinecones and feathers in our Learning About Forests unit.

The books we read:

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  1. I love owls- they are such cool creatures! Great post and activities!
    Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase