Thursday, July 14, 2011

Examining Flowers

This week in the Summer Challenge was backyard science. Expect a couple of posts on our fun this week, but I wanted to talk about activities we did with flowers in our garden. I looked on the internet and found a flower diagram that highlights the parts of a flower. I printed it out and then picked a lily from our garden. Using scissors I helped dissect the flower. Then looking at the diagram "A" drew lines to match what he saw from the internet print-out to what he saw. Then we talked about the boy part of the flower and the girl part. Being only five, I didn't go into to much further detail, but I did go over the vocabulary. Then "A" had to write the word petal and stem after identifying them. I am trying to encourage him to sound out the words and not worry about misspelled words, but he is a perfectionist and will only write if he has the correct spelling.

"A" gets a closer look at a flower!

After the science observation, it was time for some art fun! We went on a flower hunt in our front and back yard. We found about 12 different flowers and brought them in the house to make pounded flower prints. I got the idea for the craft at Family Fun. We placed the flowers on watercolor paper and then a paper towel over them. Then we used a mallet (you can use a hammer) to pound at the flowers. When the paper towel is saturated you can peel away the paper towel and flower and a imprint is left behind on the paper. Observations: Pink flowers leave purple imprints, not all petals leave prints behind (roses for example), and I  thought there was more detail of the leaves and petals on the paper towels than on the paper- which was a little disappointing. That being said, we loved this craft. If you have further observations or suggestions please let me know. "A" loved pounding away and I have to admit so did I. I also think it left a whimsical design that is very soft and pretty. It was interesting to see which flowers worked best and trying other things-like leafs and plants. I may go further and identify the flowers used, but at the same time I may just keep it a beautiful piece of art!

Pounded Flower Prints


  1. love how you learned about flowers and made prints by pounding them!! HOW FUN!!?

  2. The prints are beautiful! How fun AND educational! Thank you for stopping by the Smart Summer Challenge!