Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm More Than a Mom

Pictures from a recent trip I took without the family!

Like most wives and mothers it is easy to get swept away in the needs of others and the busyness life hands us. With the constant dirty clothes and dishes piling up, spit-up on your only clean shirt, being yelled at from the bathroom for help wiping bums, and being walked on during your only two minutes of solitude while you are in the restroom yourself - it is easy to forget who you are...a woman. I try to take between 10-30 minutes for uninterrupted me time every day. I may use this time to unwind, relax, do something that brings me joy, do something to make me feel good about myself, or just be me! Do I get this time everyday...hardly. In fact, as of late my hubby has been working late 6-7 days a week, making me time not an option. However, I need to find those moments for not only me but for my family. I try to think of the airline safety briefing "in case of an emergency put on your oxygen mask before placing one on your child." I never understood that until I realized that if Mommy isn't able to take care of herself everyone suffers. That is not to say, the only reason to do this is to make me a better mom-it's okay for me to do it just for myself. I matter too!

A good reminder for all moms.

 Fifty Things That Make Me Happy:

1.) Read a book (not a textbook)                                               26.) Take a candle-lit bath
2.) Go for a run                                                                       27.) Hike (especially to waterfalls)
3.) Arrange fresh cut flowers                                                     28.) Get a massage
4.) Paint my toenails                                                               29.) Go to a play
5.) Zumba                                                                              30.) Writing poetry
6.) Looking at recipes (must have photos)                                   31.) Gazing at full moons
7.) Coloring a child's coloring book                                             32.) Walking the dogs
8.) Traveling (or dreaming of it)                                                  33.) Putting on makeup (rare for me)
9.) Watching TV (esp. detective shows)                                      34.) Scouring bookstores
10.) Singing to Mowtown and 80's music-Loud!                             35.) Happy Hour with girls
11.) Photography                                                                      36.) Going to the movies 
12.) Veggin out with hubby on the couch in jammies                      37.)  Trying to create art
13.) Dancing (hip-hop, swing, belly-dancing, ballroom)                    38.) Gardening
14.) Boardgames (Train Game, Monopoly, Life, 21 Baker Street)     39.) Pilates
15.) Going to the beach                                                              40.) Magazines
16.) Window-shopping                                                                41.) Rock-Hunting (Geology Geek)
17.) Playing in water fountains                                                    42.) Swinging at children's park
18.) Blogging                                                                            43.) Making a collage
19.) Going to county fairs and festivals                                       44.) Bike-riding
20.) French Pastries                                                                  45.) A great Mexican restaurant
21.) Sleep!!!                                                                             46.) Canoeing
22.) Family Bar-B-Ques                                                             47.) Quilting (well trying)
23.) Museums                                                                          48.) Living History-watch/not perform
24.)Teaching                                                                            49.) Storm-watching
25.) Horseback Riding                                                               50.) Long Drives

This is my list. Just a reminder that I have wants and wishes all of my own. What would be on your list?

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