Sunday, July 17, 2011

Make your own "I Spy" book

I am not sure if you are familiar with the I Spy books by Walter Wick, but I am sure everyone has played a search-and-find game at some time in their life. If you haven't seen the Walter Wick books (or something similar) check them out. All kids love them from preschool, elementary, and beyond. I can't keep them stocked at my school library.

A Walter Wick Creation

Over at Pink and Green Mama she has shown us all how to make our own. Everyone must check out this creative woman's blog, she is a true inspiration. Inspire me is just what she did, so "A" got busy finding and sorting toys the color of the rainbow. This was great hidden way to teach sorting and colors. Once we got a good pile of each, I laid them on one of  "A's" shirt that are of the same color we were focusing on (Pink/Green Mama used scarves). Then I took close-up photos of each color:

Red Toys
Our Orange Discoveries
Yellow Finds (notice the Lemonhead)
We had tons of green things
Lot's of blue things too (wondering if this is gender related)
You can make each picture a page in a book and bind it, but I found we don't have a lot of toys of each color, so I decided to make just an "I Spy" page by putting all the pictures together on a Word doc. Then I chose things for "A" to search for. I made it a little difficult because I was afraid if it was too easy he would look it over, and throw it away never to be played again. Plus, now he has to use problem solving skills. He loves it and he tries to stump his friends and grandparents all the time.

Our finished "I Spy" page

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