Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainbow I Spy Bottle

Ever since those I Spy bottles came out in the market (sold at places like Barnes and Noble) creative parents have successfully found ways to make them for a fraction of the cost. On the web there hundreds of themes and ideas on how to make them. The ideas are truly endless. My first one I just used a recycled water bottle, small toys, buttons, rocks, etc and leftover sand from "A's" sand collection (more on that on a later post). It was a great game to bring on a recent road trip, but now he has promptly lost it. Today I had decided to make another bottle using leftover rainbow colored rice. I had colored the rice using food coloring and rubbing alcohol in Ziplock backs (about 4 squirts of alcohol and enough food coloring for color you want). Next time I will make the sand a little more vibrant! At the end of the school year I had a 5th grade class make mandalas using the rainbow rice instead of colored sand as a way to save money. Although I love the students creations I wish I would have splurged on the sand.

5th Grade Mandala Project
For awhile, I had the colored sand in a storage bin with a lid for sensory play for "A", but it was time for a change. I had "A" find twenty items that would fit in a bottle that fit a rainbow theme. I took a picture of the items and will print it out on cardstock so he remembers what he is searching for. When he can read I will write out the items to search for. Then fill it up with rice. You can glue the cap down if you think your little one will open it up and make a mess. I can't wait to make an ABC one for "A" to search for.
What we chose to search for (it's hard to find miniature stuff)
Fill up with sand partially then place items. Keep repeating process
Finished bottle. Every thing is hidden waiting to be spied!

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