Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nature Tot Sensory Basket

Baby has had the kitchen sensory basket for almost a week. He has pulled items out a few times, but I could tell it was time to start something new. I have been finding and storing treasures from our nature walks and was excited to try "B" playing with some textures that were naturally made. I am overly cautious of finding items that baby won't choke on since he continually puts everything in his mouth and also we had a huge scare when he swallowed and choked on a twig that was transferred into the house on the dogs. "B" (at 6 months old) tried to get the twig to go down and then choked on his own fluids four times. Having my four year old call 911 and the local ER transporting him to a specialized children's hospital in another state, was so traumatic to the entire family. Eleven hours later, we found the twig and had it surgically removed. The fear of that day makes every mouth exploration sheer terror. So for this basket I have it stored up high and pull it out with him when I can have a watchful eye!

What is in the new basket:
Wood shavings for starting fires. Baby food container is taped shut. Makes a fun noise.

Water, Food Coloring, Mineral Oil, and Shells
These rocks are to make a shaker. One of his favorites!!!

The bag is feathers from a craft store. I open it for him to feel softness.
Finish Nature Sensory Basket!
 Baby Enjoying Basket:
Told Ya-Straight in the Mouth!
The moss was super intriguing.

Couldn't resist the tiny feet picture
Is this a happy baby or what? Nature Basket=HUGE Hit!
For the curious minded (pics of "B's" emergency):
Ambulance ride from local ER to Children's Hosptial

Getting vitals done. Brace is so they could keep the IV in.
In his overnight crib-right after the surgery

Twig that stuck. Scraped him up pretty bad too!
Happy (as if nothing every happened) in the hospital playroom the day after.

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