Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting off the Sidelines

I am finally starting a blog!!! I have tons of blogs bookmarked, and rather than sitting and admiring I thought I should join the ranks. I am trying to learn not to sit on the sidelines, but accept that what I have to offer may be valuable to someone out there! I owe it to myself to try!

I guess this is where I should introduce myself: I am a woman in her early thirties who has been married for ten years and also has two amazing boys. My oldest son just turned five and my youngest is 8 months old. They are both full of joy, EXTREMELY active, stubborn, funny, smart, and keep me on my toes. My family also consists of two dogs who are very much members of our household. I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, even though relocation may be in my future.

My two little men
My other two boys

I worked in public libraries for about  four year, and then moved to working at an elementary school library. I am very passionate about books, especially children's books.The next school year, I will be student teaching in a 5th grade classroom. My dream is to teach intermediate grades (3rd-6th). I have always said, "I want to talk to students about what we have read, not teach them to read." Now that my youngest is learning to read I find that statement more true than ever!!! Primary teachers have extra doses of patience that I was not blessed with. Teaching is my life's passion and I am so excited to dedicate my life to that.

 Poster students made me when I left on maternity leave! Covers of books I turned them on to reading!

I am a real person with life happening all around me. I am just trying to make sense of what is handed to me and be content in the moment. I hope in this blog to discuss experiences that I am trying to understand, review books, recipes, crafts, give teaching ideas, but will most likely will be about being a MOM (and all that brings with it).

I hope someone reads it and can gain something for their time, but if they don't that is okay. Like I said, I just needed to do it. My goal is to start making my life be the way I want it to- instead of waiting for my fairy godmother to wave a magic wand. If it hasn't happened yet it most likely isn't going to!

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  1. Congrats on starting a blog! I began my first one about 3 years ago and have loved the process. Hope you do too! I'm also originally from the PNW!