Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gourd Birdhouses

This has been the very first summer I have been truly in love with my backyard. My hubby helped my make raised garden beds in the spring, which has made a world of difference in my green thumb (or lack thereof). A few other cosmetic items made or bought (on clearance-of course) has turned our yard into an oasis.One of the cosmetic items made has been a fun craft for my little man, but for me too: Gourd Birdhouses!

My backyard-SWOON! You can see the gourd on the fence.

This is so simple, fun, and beautiful you won't believe it! Purchase some dried gourds. We got ours at a local farm for about $1.50 each. I have also seen them at grocery stores and of course you could grow them too. Just make sure they are dried out. The little ones I find they were practically giving away. "A" thought the tiny ones looked like ghosts so he couldn't help drawing spooky faces. However, the larger ones we decided to make into birdhouses. Scrub away the dirt on the outside of the gourd. I used water, a little of vinegar, and a scrub brush! After they dry you can mark where you will put the bird hole. The hole doesn't need to be very large, but big enough for a bird to get in. Then decorate away! I used permanent markers (so the rain wouldn't wash it away) and nature stencils. "A" decided to just make flowers and vines free hand.  I did find that once my art did get washed away (don't know if I had unknowingly used the wrong markers or what). I actually kind of liked the fresh clean canvas so I could once again create a beautiful gourd! Lemonade out of lemons, I suppose. Anyway, once the gourd is decorated drill a hole on the line you made for the bird hole. I did a lot of little drill marks and then used a standard kitchen knife to saw away the circle. It should just pop out. Inside the dried gourd is some weird dry flesh that you need to take out. It comes out easily enough. Then just place it where you wish, fill with birdseed and enjoy! A note on placement: I put mine on the fence post but you could also hang it. To hang drill two other small holes on the top of the gourd (one on each side). Then use string or wire to hang it. Make sure it can hold the weight of birds though!

"A's" decorated gourd waiting to be drilled, and my finished gourd waiting for birds!


  1. GORGEOUS! Both the backyard and the bird house!I especially love the use of natural items-- so very cool!

  2. oh. my. goodness. a friend of mine does artwork with gourds, but nothing like these! awesome!

  3. We are totally going to have to do this once I figure out where we can get dried gourds. I'm going to feature you on the round-up tomorrow (at!