Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sight Word Grid Game

Ahh, it has been impossible to blog lately. In fact, it has been impossible to do much of anything! I am finishing up the last task before I begin Student Teaching in January. I am so grateful to have a month off to enjoy time with my family. I normally trying to hide my homework from the boys but these last two weeks they have seen Mommy working her tail off to complete all my coursework.

I do have some Thanksgiving things in the works and will share them (hopefully before the actual holiday). Other than that we are still plugging away at those sight words. The most recent thing I did was put the sight words on a grid numbered 1-6 for the rows and A-F for the columns. (easily done in Excel). Then taking two dice (one with left normal and A-F stickers placed on the other) he rolls to figure out which word to read. It is a little funner than a worksheet, but relatively easy for me to throw together with little to no time on my hands.

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  1. Good luck finishing your coursework, Sarah! That's HUGE! I was great to see you post again after a little break. My son LOVES these type of dice roll games. It seems like anything with dice is a hit with him!