Tuesday, November 1, 2011

7 Days of Love

With my hubby away it has been a great time for me to work on some things and try to renew our relationship. I love my husband and truly believe we were meant to be together. That being said we have had our tough times. A lot actually! Ten years of life's challenges can do that to a couple. Why am I telling you this totally honest portrayal of our relationship? Because we all experience it but no one talks about it and then we think our relationship is different or more broken than others. Friends that isn't true. Relationship and especially marriage is hard. What it boils down to is how much you are willing to persevere and work at it.

So in an effort to really work on showing my hubs I love him I have been sending him little love gifts, notes, and packages while he is away. I am also making it an effort to just text how much I love or miss him with no other stuff attached to it. The Dating Diva's blog has been instrumental in awesome ideas to show your someone special you love them. I just sent my hubby this cute seven day pill box filled with sweets (his fave gum, M&Ms, and Hershey Kisses) with a strip of paper for each day. The strips have love quotes and love notes-the Divas give you a free printable. That way he can open the box for the day and get a little love every day of the week.

I hear and have felt, "I can't send and do this stuff. I just don't feel that way anymore." That is okay. You may not be head over heals in love like you once more...doesn't mean you won't someday in the future. You won't feel exactly the way you did when you first met-that was a different time and place, but you can feel something different and wonderful. My motto: Fake It Til You Make It. I guarantee if you start going out of your way to do these little acts of love eventually you will feel it.

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