Monday, January 9, 2012

O-Shogatsu New Year Festival

Yesterday, at the Portland Japanese Gardens, we celebrated O-Shogatsu New Year Festival! "A" and I have been studying Japan a lot this year because my sister moved to Okinawa last year. We have had fun receiving care packages from her and researching here at home. You can see our Japan Lapbook in my post here. When I saw the New Year Festival I knew we had to go.
I don't know what the arraignment represents but my sister says all her neighbors have the same thing on their doors.
We had a great time. They offer a scavenger hunt for young kids with pictures of garden features. For the festival we saw a calligraphy demonstration, "A" got to write in Japanese "New Spring", and I got to try some traditional Matcha (Green Tea) with sugar cookies made in the traditional Japanese way and served by kimono wearing ladies. I love introducing the boys to different cultures and am so lucky to live in an area where that is a possibility.  Not to mention by learning about Japan it makes us feel a little closer to Aunt Katie!
ShiShi Dogs
Zen Garden
Learning Japanese Calligraphy
New Spring (or close too ;o)
Making Green Tea
Kimono in motion
I love these Cherry Blossom buds hanging on during Winter
Boys near Patagonia

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  1. If you hadn't of told me, I'd of thought you actually WERE in Japan. Your pictures are amazing! What a great way to expose the boys to another culture! (I wish we had something like this in our neck 'o the woods.)